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laptop repair

Laptop repair service

Multi-brands of laptops are repaired here efficiently and turn around time. 100 days Warranty ensured. We provide spot solution.

laptop accessories

Laptop accessories

Computer Doctor provides genuine spare parts to the clients at affordable price with warranty upto 1 year. 

laptop amc

Annual mentainance contract (AMC)

Computer Doctor offers Club Membership and it's benefitted 10% discount for each service

software and remote support

Software & Remote Support

Many desktop Publishing Packages Webpage Editors Now use ipsum Versions Over Years


Our Team & our support!

Our team consists of a good number of experienced technicians and expert engineers who are constantly trying to improve their expertise through Research and Development process. We solicit their co-operation for our success and achievement in the service world.


Our warranty

We are confident and proud of our service center. We feel for customers and value of money incurred for repairing purpose. We offer our customers 100 days service warranty. It is an opportunity for the customers who may place their laptop again if any problem is found within the warranty period. We also repair it free of cost.

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Why do you choose us?

We ensure our clients best service. We also give you guarantee that you with never be deceived for your dependence on us. We ensure transparency in work. At present market is flooded with refurbished products! You should be careful in choosing genuine products. We can blindly put faith on us. Please come our service center for genuine products.


Performance of the Company

It is our challenge to render excellent service to our clients. We prove it by our action / performance. We claim transparency in work from the beginning to end.


Website Privacy Policy

Your privacy at Computer Doctor is very important. Computer Doctor is responsible for whole control on personal information. Our Employees are responsible for compliance with these privacy and security principles. We also enable and ensure strict access policy at client site when handling or viewing information.

Our website might contain links to other preceding websites of your interest. However, once you use those links to leave our website, you should make a note that we don’t have any control over that other particular site. Therefore, we may not be responsible for privacy and protection of information which you provide while visiting and browsing other sites and are not be governed by this privacy statement.

We will not lease, sell and distribute your personal information to third parties/others unless we have your permission to do so.

If you believe that any information we hold on you is incomplete or incorrect, please email us as soon as possible. We will correct if any incorrect information found in our website.



The Computer Doctor’s service makes use of “cookies”. Cookie means nothing but a small text file placed on your hard disk which contains information about the user and chosen user preferences.


For example, it

May contain a record of pages within the Computer Doctor website you visited to help us in customizing the website for the next time you visit.

Only the information that you provide or choices you make while visiting our website will be stored in a cookie. We only use the created cookies to enhance your experience. It also means that you need not choose options such as location or region every time you visit the website as we store them when you spend time browsing our site.


laptop repair

Why Us?

Find technical support


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Motherboard Fault
computer doctor bullet 2
LCD Replacement
computer doctor bullet 3
No Power on
computer doctor bullet 4
No Power on with battery
computer doctor bullet 5
No Power on with adapter
computer doctor bullet 6
Power on but no display
computer doctor bullet 7
Power on but no booting
computer doctor bullet 8
Power on and immediate shutdown
computer doctor bullet 9
Faint Display
computer doctor bullet 10
Colored Display
computer doctor bullet 11
White Display
computer doctor bullet 12
Display Flicker
computer doctor bullet 13
Multiple Display
computer doctor bullet 14
Patch on LCD
computer doctor bullet 16
Keyboard or Touch pad problem
computer doctor bullet 18
Improper Shutdown
  • Long ago hardware engineers used to visit customer/clients residence for hardware-software support and service. Genuine problem arises how to adjust appropriate time between engineers and clients at the time of appropriate time between engineers and clients at the time of their urgent needs. We also feel urgent service is required to support office clients as and when such problems crop up in the office. We have introduced first in Kolkata hardware-software on line support to our clients both at home and office. It is a golden opportunity for them and it is our challenge to satisfy them through online support. Clients both at home or office could be benefitted by AMC. It is our challenge to solve 100% of your computer/laptop problems with guarantee. We are confident that after availing of the facility our clients will utter only one word ‘excellent’. Our clients can avail of telephonic support to get their problems solved. We are waiting just one call. We can assure best laptop service with 100% guarantee. If we fail to give rebirth to your laptop we will gift you a new one.
    >>> Laptop Service :
    Before giving your laptop for service to any service center & you just think whether it is a reliable one or not. We repair any defective laptop with full guarantee. Please come with your discarded laptop we will set right it with guarantee and it is our challenge to give rebirth to your discarded laptop. If we fail to repair it we will gift a new one and it is our challenge to client/customer. If you find various defect in your computer such as VIRUS, SLOW DOWN, absence of sound or picture please visit us and we will set right all the defects with guarantee. If any chip is out of order we make it in order. So we are called COMPUTER DOCTOR.
    >>> Chip level servicing :
    In the era of electronics all are made by chips. It is a milestone in the history of electronics world. As and when chips are inactive we make them active and it is our challenge to repair the inactive chips with guarantee. If picture or sound not found in the computer or monitors, printers, scanner, CD and DVD players are out of order. We make them in order through proper repairing. Some people have wrong conception that chip level service is not feasible. Please call us in need and we will prove the truth and we will make you believe that it is possible.
    >>> Magic key :
    We provide service solution in eastern zone. We solve your PC problem in your day to day life by providing active support. Hurry up for registration giving details of your PC problems and enjoy PC solution throughout your life time. Do not waste your hard earned money for software. Make registration for solution. For more details just call our helpline.
    >>> Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) :
    It is a new effort to provide technical support to those clients/customers throughout the year who make an agreement with us. As a result they are financially benefitted and at the same time they are confident of getting all sorts technical support from us. All sorts of problems in your computer will be solved with guarantee. After getting our sincere service you will simply utter only one word “excellent”. It is also our challenge. 
    >>> Telephonic support
    At any time you just make a call and appraise your problem and get your problems solved. We anxiously wait to solve your problems. 
    >>> Online
    While you are online and face any problem you just contact at our official chat room and get your problem solved.
  • happy customer/Client’s satisfaction is our main aim and objective. We are proud of our success in achieving their confidence and active support through out the year; it is due to our skilled and experienced engineers who render the best service to our clients. We also maintain cordial relation with them as every business knows, innovation is the key to success and growth. We provide our clients with all advice and support they need. Our clients approach us again and again for our best service. They also refer our service center to their friends and relatives for which we are grateful to them. We prefer quality service and we provide it to our clients. We always try to protect the interest of clients earnestly. We do not want that the clients be cheated and misguided in the market and their hard earned money be wasted. Beware of dishonest service centers and miscreants should be punished.
  • Our team consists of a good number of experienced technicians and expert engineers who are constantly trying to improve their expertise through Research and Development process. They render best quality service to our valued customers. They claim 80% success in repairing laptop problems and their constant humble approach will certainly impress our customers. Our expert engineers can assure the customers that their hard earned money would not be wasted. Customers are requested to gather proper information and reputation about the service center where they like to place the laptops for service. We do not want that customers be cheated and ruined in the name of cheap service. We are against such mal practice in the market and try to protect the interest of the customers. We do not believe in advertisement and we spend much for training of our engineers. We can assure our customers of world class service. We solicit their co-operation for our success and achievement in the service world.
  • At first we receive through online. We prepare ticket number for each client is obtained for the defective laptop together with all spare parts by affixing stickers on it. Secondly diagnosis is made by expert and experienced engineers and estimate for the purpose is also brought to your notice. Repair work is undertaken after getting your consent in the matter you may aware of the entire process through online. More over after testing all spare parts are kept separately in a nice packet or hand over it to you. We maintain transparency in our work. Payment is to be made by cash only against bill. Warranty sticker is lost/torn up the warranty will become void. During warranty period service charge is free but no money back is allowed.
  • During last 10 (ten) years we are carrying out business in laptop service Industry and more than twenty thousand clients are satisfied with our wonderful and effective service from our experienced and expert engineers. We are proud for co-operation, confidence and patronage received vast number of people and we consider it is our moral victory.
    TRUST OUR SERVICES: We observe that a section of dishonest laptop service centers are trying to alter the clients/people not to be cheated by such dishonest service centers. Before placing the defective laptops you are requested to know in details the goodwill of the service centers otherwise you will be cheated and lost hard earned money. 
    We are proud of our transparency in laptop service facility/system and are getting more and more confidence from the clients for our honesty and wonderful service. At the time of placing the defective laptop clients are required to put his/her signature on all the parts of machine and there is no scope to change the parts. It is our open challenge to the clients for guarantee of their parts and the clients will be rewarded if they can prove the parts are changed in our service center. We assure the clients for protection of their parts together with laptop placed in the service center. 
  • Hi there!
    Computer Doctor is a renowned brand in the service industry of Computers & Laptops. We are very much pleased to have above twenty thousand respected clients who are utterly satisfied with our most efficient service. We are also grateful to them for prescribing our service to other people. We are proud to inform that turn up rate of our existing clients is more than 90%. We request our respected clients to contact us for any issues of their gadgets after getting our service and obviously before too.

    Computer Doctor is always ready to solve the issues immediately which suit the client best. However, it is a fact that no service centre can claim to satisfy 100% of their clients as there remains a few people whom you can never satisfy enough. We indeed know that a little factless claims for some undue privilege by very few of those indignant clients can never make any scratch to our hard-earned reputation in the industry. We always request our respected clients to email us directly for redressal of any complaint in this address – support@computerdoctor.co.in


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What People Says

  • Mrs. Mou Banerjee IT, Mohini Apartments, Mohishgote, Newtown, Near East Enclave, Kolkata-700102

    >> Best computer service company in India. Great people, great company and great techies. I wish If every company in India could provide service like Picosoft. Thanks, you guys are great. Keep up the good work!!

  • Mr.Sougata Jana, Vivekananda colony Panihati kolkata 700114.

    >> Best computer service company in India. Great people, great company and great techies. I wish If every company in India could provide service like Picosoft. Thanks, you guys are great. Keep up the good work!!


    >> Cordinator & Friendly. Very good keep it up.